Personalized Retreat Intensives

Personalized Retreats are one of the most powerful change agents one can experience to become a Whole New You!

Once a date is set, I work up a personalized itinerary especially for you.   Meridian therapy sessions are scheduled to balance the body, trauma therapy are scheduled to balance the emotions, personalized yoga sessions are scheduled along with personalized yoga routines that can be carried out on a daily basis, Rife machine (sound frequency therapy) sessions are scheduled  to address specific conditions or diseases, and a spiritual exercise that will show you your true purpose.  You will become a Whole New You!

Your room and delicious, healthy meals are included. Each retreat begins Friday evening and ends Sunday afternoon.  The focus is to create a stress-free environment in the beautiful Colorado Rocky Mountains to create a radiant place for growth and healing.

Let me help you become a Whole New You!

Cost: $750

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