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Improving your health and well-being by working on the underlying cause to relieve individual symptoms restoring harmony to the body, mind and spirit.


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Testimonials – 90 Renewal Program

This program literally changed my life… Changed me for the better. I was ready to give up on a lot of life, but through these 90 days, I end my session today in love with where my life is. My “Me” image has changed for the better, my personal outlook on life is changed for the better, my perspective on who I am has changed for the better, and how I choose to live my life had changed significantly for the better.

I feel like a whole new me!!


This program has helped me take my healing to the next level. It has helped me have hope for a life filled with joy and love and my heart’s desires. It has helped me trust myself more. My heart is opening more and more everyday after years of being shut off. I learned how to set goals and work toward them. I also have learned to make healthy choices and how to listen to my body and my heart.

Thank you so much !!!


This program has helped me cope with my emotions better and in return has caused my physical symptoms to not be as bad and be under control. This has allowed me to handle the physical part of stress much better. I have learned not to worry about things that I can not control and pay attention to what my body is telling me.


This program has been so beneficial in my processing, grieving, and healing process. Both with past and present hardships. I’ve grown and learned invaluable information and tips that I can take with me as I move forward in my life journey. I have loved this program so much that I am sad to see it end, but I am no longer afraid of what may come or what may creep up. I’ve acquired a confidence I didn’t have before and I am so excited about that!


Getting to know and accept myself is huge in my outlook in life. I learned from this program to let go of stress that is self induced and has freed me to live and enjoy life. Getting off the fight or flight hamster wheel has given me my life back.


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